David Goldblatt & Karin Fauman

An in-house song scoring team crafting music with cinematic appeal and production.

Karin and David, two symbiotic music storytellers, flourish while immersed in the collaborative process as Cinema Song Composers with film composing expertise and experience.

Their distinct specialty is in crafting song from story where sight and sound become visceral experience and the musical DNA of the narrative is brought to it’s fullest fruition.

Below you’ll find a brief showcase of original songs produced and displayed with a sampling of existing media for demonstration purposes only. The intent of this partnership is to create and produce songs that are ready to be placed in new media with thematic, memorable melody being a priority. David and Karin draw from a catalog of existing material or handcraft song to picture amplifying the existing narrative’s emotional content.


song medley-

Placed to excerpts of Dumbo, Roma and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel



The Beautiful Colors Of Bobbie


Placed to excerpts of Schindler’s List

Seventy years after the Holocaust, Karin, a holocaust survivor’s daughter,  finds herself placing her music against these images that conjure memory of what her family endured. “Azure" is a  poignant statement and a living proof of Karin and her mother's survival and the powerful triumph over evil.


Placed to excerpts of Amelie and The Godfather

2 alternate instrumentation treatments showcasing the flexibility of this melody with it’s varied production.

Pasan Los Minutos (The Minutes Pass)

Placed to excerpts of One Strange Rock and Blue Planet

This song is a celebration of the life cycles we all share. Though the minutes pass quickly, and nothing is assured, we must kiss them. Besa Los Minutos.